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Asim Haneef is a British TV Producer, Journalist and Multimedia Consultant currently living in Cairo, Egypt working as the Director of Global Development and Executive Producer at Bamyan Media (www.bamyan.org) - a new social enterprise specializing in creating Reality TV Shows for Social Change in the Developing World. In 2014, he developed and successfully launched ‘El Mashroua′ (The Project), Egypt’s first-ever Reality TV show about regular and social entrepreneurs. The groundbreaking TV show + the 'beyond the show movement' attracted tens of millions of viewers and created a large action-led social media community (over 1-million) as it sought to highlight the ingenuity, passion and skills of the youth of the country in the midst of a revolution. The ambitious ‘Edutainment’ project is now being expandedworldwide into several other countries in 2015 including India, Jordan, Philippines, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

A firm believer in harnessing the power of Media to build a better world, and with a background in technology, entrepreneurship and social innovation, he has previously worked as a Journalist and Digital Producer for some of the biggest News organizations in the world including Al-Jazeera English, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Journeyman Pictures, Guardian Films, Mentorn Media, Ceasefire and BBC Worldwide. Follow him on Twitter @Asimhaneef or watch his TED X talk here

Asim has been recognized as a young global leader under 30 by the Pan-Asian think tank Asia House, is a member of the 'worldwide leaders under-30' Sandbox Network' a fellow of the Aspen Institute in Colorado, a 2014 TED X Speaker on ‘Using the Media for Social Change’ and is also on the advisory board of award-winning tech entrepreneurship quarterly Erly Stage.