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In June 2014, Alan co-founded Gem Roc, an online jewelry marketplace designed to give customers the trend-driven design and quality craftsmanship they seek – at fair, affordable prices. They source materials from around the world and eliminate the middle man to keep costs low. Alan leads operations, ensuring that the company's due diligence practices and logistics services are best in class. His experience with creating business efficiencies through intelligent technology has allowed him to apply process to sales, acquisition and other segments of the Gem Roc ecosystem to create autonomy in operations and dependable systems.


Alan has also held leadership positions in the staffing industry. With 10 years of experience aligning senior and executive-level professionals with Fortune companies he concurrently co-founded ZipCFO. The company outsources the accounting and finance of small businesses and startups, then matches the business with a CFO with relevant industry experience to oversee the company’s financials and implement strategies for future growth. Alan has also helped build multiple online retail businesses. At SocialBuy.com, which he was a co-founder, he facilitated the sale to one of the Top 3 crowd buying sites at the time.