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Reza offers more than 15 years experience in emerging technology, which he brings to AlleyWatch as CEO and Founder.

Reza is also the founder of New York Startup Lab, which brings technology and knowledge based solutions to the entrepreneurial community with a specific focus on early stage companies.

Prior to AlleyWatch, he has worked in numerous technological capacities focused on social media applications, monetization of digital assets, business development, and brand promotion.

Reza has been a presenter and moderator at numerous events on social media, technology, and entrepreneurship and was a featured presenter at the first Facebook Developer Garage in New York. Both Reza and the companies he has been involved with have received accolades and recognition from prominent organizations including the fbFund.

Reza holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Georgetown University and completed his bachelors in Economics at the University at Albany. Reza has also completed certification programs in Private Equity at Oxford University as well as International Business at New York University.