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22nd November 2014

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka

Imagine Bangladesh in 2050 where every child is educated and enabled by a technology platform, every child is able to go to school and join the work force in a meaningful manner to contribute to society. Imagine where your ability to think about innovation is completely de-constructed where innovation happening in the villages in agriculture, education or supply chain ends up in USA or European market, simply because innovation has the ability to travel seamlessly from Bangladesh to corporate offices in New York or London. It gets even better. Twenty five (25) years from now when we reach 2040 the amount of connection that will exists from an individual Bangladeshi to a collective internet connected community will multiply exponentially. People will be redefining the rules of borderless world. Essentially, we will have the ability as an individual or a corporation from Bangladesh to start becoming a meaningful member of a global business community. We can start shaping policy, the outcome, and our aspirations can be linked meaningfully to what is offered to us in the outside world. This is what we mean by shaping the future together.

We want to give a sense about what Bangladesh is really good at today, where Bangladesh wants to go in next 25 years and debate what will be the next best industry beyond garments that will help shape the future of Bangladesh. What makes Bangladesh so incredibly capable of being a dominant force in textiles and garments when Cambodia, India, Vietnam has tried but failed to displace us. There is something unique and innovative about Bangladesh wether it is research, customer experience, supply chain that is working. We can easily replicate the same kind of innovation and move on to a new industry. And we firmly believe it is technology enabled services.

Startup Dhaka intends to meaningfully contribute as platform which will allow peoples ideas into real commercial engines. Through our upcoming one-day annual INNOVATION Xtreme event– we will showcase startups, established businesses, and talent in Bangladesh.

Innovation Xtreme (I/X) is an initiative of StartupDhaka.org, Bangladesh’s premier digital media and event platform for startups, entrepreneurs ,investors, and businesses. The event will bring together the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem – investors, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, media and everything in between – to showcase the potential of innovators and entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The event aims to be the leading event for access to opportunities, whether that is for scale, investment, knowledge, and anything else a business may need at any stage in its lifecycle.

The central theme of IX 2014 is “Innovation in Bangladesh”, highlighting the success stories and the opportunities. The event is designed to encourage and enable the interaction and discussion that is critical for Bangladeshi ventures to grow their revenues and contact bases, collaborate, and scale their businesses. The event will also showcase leading ventures, including 10 handpicked startups from Bangladesh.